I'm a 25-year-old student and web developer currently living in Münster, Germany. I grew up and went to school in the town of Reutlingen, Germany. After I finished my Abitur in 2011, I went to beautiful New Zealand for 5 months on a Working Holiday. After that, I started studying Information Systems at the University of Münster. Nowadays, I work as a Software Engineer at the Web Development and Consultancy company Zweitag.

I started programming computers early on and developed small Windows applications. After finding out about Linux, I focused on PHP web development. In 2006, I built a fan website for the now discontinued TV show GIGA. Later, I was part of the team that maintained our school's website.

In the past few years I've been into what they call the 'Internet of Things' and tried to automate as much as my home as possible – without just buying pre-made stuff off the shelf but by teaching myself how to use microcontrollers and embedded computers to achieve this task. I hope to write some blog posts about what I built – maybe others could learn from my experiments and I could get ideas for my next pet project.

Lately, I like developing web applications with the Ruby on Rails stack and with Javascript frontend frameworks such as Ember.js. I also explore the possibilities of server infrastructure automation and depend heavily on it for my home setup – I like having my power outlets and lights be connected to the Internet.

I am also writing my Bachelor's thesis on the topic of Microservices with Ruby on Rails – if you have any insights in this area, I'd love you to contact me.